Caldervale Technology Robot Video

Caldertech Robot Video from on Vimeo.


Caldervale Technology – Tour of Dewsbury manufacturing factory

Caldertech Tour Video from on Vimeo.

Calder Patch Scraping Tool

Caldertech Uniprep Patch Scraper from on Vimeo.


Caldertech Joint Master Positioning Clamp

Caldertech Joint Master Positioning Clamp from on Vimeo.


Caldertech Continiuty Bond Flash Test

Caldertech Internal debeading tool

Caldertech. Internal debeading tool from on Vimeo.


ProFuse The Movie

ProFuse The Movie.mpg from on Vimeo.


Calderprep Scraping Tool Operation

Calderprep Scraping Tool Operation from on Vimeo.

Calder Extra Long Uniprep Scraping Tool

uniprep xl on 315 pipe from on Vimeo.