230V Aquafuse AF315 fusion welder


The Aquafuse AF315 is a simple to use welder for all Non-
Pressure drainage pipe applications. Providing reliable
welding for a range of HDPE fittings manufactures such as
Akatherm, Valsir, Coes, Gerberit and Wavisol. Constant
current secondary supply, not for use with conventional
electrofusion fittings

01-01-098 Calder Aquafuse AF315, 230V fusion welder for drainage fittings up to 315mm


C53ER009 Replacement yellow connection pigtail set
C53ER010 Replacement blue connection pigtail set
C53ER011 Red pigtail set for Gerberit couplers
C53ER012 Green pigtail set for Von Roll couplers
C53ER014 Black pigtail set for Coes couplers


Technical specification
Input Voltage [Vac] 230V
Input Frequency [Hz] 50-50
Input Current [Max. A] 10
Power Consumption 2300W max
Environmental Protection IP57
Coupling size range 16-315mm


Mechanical Information
Dimensions [HxWxL] 270 x 245 x 175mm
Weight [Kg] 4
Case Material ABS