230V Aquafuse AF160 Hand Held Fusion welder


This lightweight hand held unit is suitable for welding Non-
pressure drainage fittings easily. The unit automatically
detects the correct welding time for the attached fitting
and uses a constant current system. Not to be used on
conventional electrofusion fittings

01-01-096   Calder Aquafuse AF160, 230V hand held fusion welder


Technical Specifications
Input Voltage [Vac] 230V
Input Frequency [Hz] 50 - 60
Input Current [Max. A] 5
Power Consumption [VA] 1150
Environment Protection IP57
Coupling size range 16 - 160mm


Mechanical Information
Dimensions [HxWxL] 250 x 115 x 100mm
Weight [Kg] 3
Case Material ABS