Calder Aquafuse AF315 fusion welder for 110v power supplies


For 110V primary power supplies only, case contains 110/230 volt step up transformer. For use with Coes, Gerberit, Wavinsolo, Valsir, Akatherm & Gerberit couplers 40mm up to 315mm diameter.

Supplied with:

  • - Yellow square connector pigtail set
    (Akatherm, Eurofusion, Gerberit &Coes 40-160mm couplers,) 
  • - Blue pigtail set
    (Akatherm, Eurofusion &, Wavisolo 200-315mm couplers.)
  • - Black pigtail set (Coes large fittings)

Constant current secondary supply, NOT for use with conventional electrofusion fittings

01-01-042 Aquafuse AF315, 110V portable fusion welder for drainage fittings up to 315mm.


01-01-055 Replacement black pigtail set
01-01-056 Replacement Blue pigtail set
01-01-057 Replacement Yellow pigtail set
01-01-058 Red pigtail set for Gerberit 200-315mm couplers
01-01-059 Green output chord set for Wavisolo 40-160mm couplers
01-01-403 Steel case squat for Pegusus & Pegasus Enfusion fusion welders


Technical Specifications
Input voltage [Vac]     
Input frequency [Hz]    
Input current [Max. A]  
Input power [kW]      
Output voltage [Vac RMS]     
Output current [Continuous. Aac RMS]  
Environmental protection     
Data recording capacity      
Coupling size range                         


Mechanical information
Dimensions [HxWxL]  
Weight [Kg]  
Case Material  
Mains Input Cable Length  
Fusion Output Cable Length