Calder Connexion Blue manual fusion


The Connexion Blue electrofusion welder uses manual input
for fusion times and does not have historical fusion data
function. the secondary power supply chord is fixed to the
box with renewable fitting connector plugs. The box has
a 4.0m primary power supply chord.

01-01-601 Calder Connexion Blue 110v 5mtr Fixed Output lead,
01-01-602 Calder Connexion Blue 230v 5mtr Fixed Output lead,


Technical Specification
Input voltage [Vac] 110v / 230v
Input frequency [Hz] 40 - 70Hz
Input current [Max. A] 110v 1-30A / 230V 1-15A
Input power (110V) 110 - 3360VA / (230V) 230 - 3450VA
Output voltage [Vac RMS] 8 - 48v
Output current [Continuous. Aac RMS] 1 - 60A
Environmental protection IP55
Data recording capacity 2000 Records
Coupling size range 16 - 710mm


Mechanical information
Dimensions [HxWxL] 385 x 275 x 215mm
Weight [Kg] 22kg
Mains input cable length [m] 5m