Calder Connexion Red Multimode Fusion Welder Unit


The Connextion Red comes in a choice of 110 or 230V models,
with fusion data input from reading the fitting barcode with
scanneror manual input of fusion time by pushbuttons.
Historical fusion data (Calder-safe,) memory capacity 1000
fusion cycles, memory download onto USB datastick. 3 Conductor
primary power supply cable (input cable,) permanently fixed to
aluminium casing, choice of connector plug. Combined data &
secondary power supply chord (output chord,) with pigtails,
permanently fixed to aluminium casing, fitting plugs with
choice of 4.0 or 4.7mm connectors. Multiple language options

01-01-501 Calder Connexion Red 110v 5mtr Fixed Output lead, Barcode Scanner
01-01-502 Calder Connexion Red 230v 5mtr Fixed Output lead, Barcode Scanner


Technical Specification
Input voltage [Vac] 110v / 230v
Input frequency [Hz] 40 - 70Hz
Input current [Max. A] 110v 1-30A / 230V 1-14A
Input power 100 - 3300VA
Output voltage [Vac RMS] 8 - 48v
Output current [Continuous. Aac RMS] 1 - 60A
Environmental protection IP54
Data recording capacity 1000 Records
Coupling size range 16 - 710mm


Mechanical information
Dimensions [HxWxL] 385 x 275 x 215mm
Weight [Kg] 21kg
Mains input cable length [m] 5m