Calder Griffon Lightweight Electrofusion Welder

The Calder Griffon Lightweight Electrofusion Welder is capable of fusing all brands of fittings up to 200mm. Using a high volume cooling fan provides reliability for continuous welding in all conditions. As standard the Calder Griffon Electrofusion Unit is fitted with a Fusamatic output lead for automatically reading smart fittings manufactured by Fusion and Plasson. A Barcode scanner, essential for welding Frialen fittings and the option to manually enter the weld time and voltage from 8v-48v.

Electrofusion Welder
01-01-481 Griffon EF Welder 12KG
Technical Specification
Input voltage [Vac] 230v
Input frequency [Hz] 40 - 60Hz
Input current [Max. A] 8A
Input power 3450VA
Output voltage [Vac RMS] 8 - 48v
Output current [Continuous. Aac RMS] 50A
Environmental protection IP55
Data recording capacity 2000 Records
Coupling size range 16 - 200mm
Mechanical information
Dimensions [HxWxL] 275 x 215 x 385mm
Weight [Kg] 12.0Kg
Case material ABS
Mains input cable length [m] 3m
Fusion output cable length [m] 3m