Calder Nomad®II - Battery Powered Electrofusion Control Unit


The Calder Nomad is a fully portable unit for welding fittings up to 63mm.The Nomad is a fully Manual Electrofusion unit, capable of welding 28 x 32mm fittings on a fully charged battery. With its High strength “Pelican” plastic Case, the Nomad is as strong as it is reliable. Ideal for quick emergency repairs and night work. The Calder Nomad II complete kit comes with 2 x Batteries, Battery charger Unit and Detachable output chord with 4.7mm or 4.0mm Fitting connector plugs.

01-01-013 Nomad battery powered fusion welder kit complete
01-01-262 Nomad fusion welder only


01-01-260 Battery charging unit (New style) with plug
01-01-261 Spare lead/acid battery pack wired with connector



Technical Specifications
Input Voltage 36v DC Battery Pack
Output Voltage 39.5V AC RMS
Output Current 1A - 25A DC
Power Consumption 40W - 1000W
Environmental Protection IP54
Coupling size range 16-63mm


Charger Specifications
Input Voltage 230V AC
Weight [Kg] 4
Dimensions [HxWxL] 270 X 250 X 120mm


Mechanical Information
Dimensions [HxWxL] 400 x 330 x 170mm
Weight [Kg] 17.0 (including battert pack)
Case Material ABS