Calder Patch Scraping Tool #2


The Calder Patch Scraping Tool #2 easily prepares PE pipe surface for the welding of branch saddles in two patch sizes. These are 200mm x 150mm and 250mm x 280mm. Using a reciprocating motion the Calder Patch Scraper automatically cuts a rectangle window leaving a precise seating area ready for welding. suitable for all pipe sizes with additional chain lengths coupled together with a joint link

01-18-002  Double patch saddle scraping tool 200 x 150mm & 250-280mm c/w case


Chain Sets:
01-18-005 chain set (2pcs) length 300mm
01-18-006 chain set (2pcs) length 650mm with joiner link for pipe sizes 75-180mm
01-18-007 chain set (2pcs) length 1000mm for pipe sizes 75-315mm



Caldertech Uniprep Patch Scraper from on Vimeo.