Calder ProXima Electrofusion Control Unit


The Calder Proxima uses barcode scanning and manual time entry as well as fusamatic automatic coupling recognition. With a Historical fusion data memory capacity of 750 fusion cycles, which can Downloaded onto a USB drive. The Calder Proxima comes with the option for a fixed or detachable output lead and the choice of a 4.0mm or 4.7mm terminal.

01-01-060 ProXima Sirius 110 x 10-48v variable output 4.7mm terminals
01-01-061 ProXima Sirius 230 x 10-48v variable output 4.0mm terminals
01-01-063 ProXima Taurus 110v x 8-48v variable output 40/80v c/w 2 output leads
01-01-074 ProXima Centaur 110 x 8-48v barcode data input 4.7mm terminals
01-01-075 ProXima Centaur 230 x 8-48v barcode data input 4.0mm terminals


Technical Specifications
Input Voltage [Vac] 110v / 230v
Input Frequency [Hx] 40-60
Input Current [Max. A] 16
Input Power [KW] 3.00
Output Voltage [Vac RMS] 8-48
Output Current [Continuous. Aac RMS] 60
Environmental Protection IP54
Data Recording Capacity 750
Coupling size range 20-800mm


Mechanical Information
Dimensions [HxWxL] 360 x 330 x 350mm
Weight [Kg] 26.0
Case Material ABS & Aluminium
Mains Input Cable Length 4m
Fusion Output Cable Length 4m Standard