Fusion Equipment Internal Bead Removal Tool


The internal bead removal tool is a manual kit for the simple
and effective removal of internal beads formed during the butt
fusion process. It can debead polyethylene pipes in the size
range 110mm – 450mm.

IBRTKIT Internal Butt weld bead removal kit 110-450mm with adapter


21459 Spare bead removal head N0.1
21457 Spare bead removal head No.2
21453 Spare bead removal head No.3
21451 Spare bead removal head No.4
32740 Set of 3 rod supports size 1
31754 Set of 3 rod supports size 2
21802 Set of 3 rod supports size 3
21310 Set of 3 rod supports size 4
21560 Set of 6 x 2.0m rods
21618 1 x 1.0m rod
91425 Adapter for 450mm x SDR11
91574 Adapter for 450mm x SDR17.6