Hydraulic Re-Rounding Clamps 400 – 1000mm


The Hydraulic re-rounding tool is a strong and durable
hydraulic re-rounding tool for removing ovality in
plastic pipes before welding. The tool has a Welded
steel construction for larger pipe diameters with a
Wide contact area. Complete with a closure winch on
larger units. Reducing shells available

01-08-100 Rerounding clamp 400mm hydraulic + pump
01-08-103 Rerounding clamp 500mm hydraulic + pump
01-08-106 Rerounding clamp 630mm hydraulic + pump
01-08-111 Rerounding clamp 710mm hydraulic + pump
01-08-112 Rerounding clamp 800mm hydraulic + pump
01-08-113 Rerounding clamp 900mm hydraulic + pump
01-08-114 Rerounding clamp 1000mm hydraulic + pump