Pegasus Enfusion 2


The Pegasus Enfusion unit is for 110V or 230V
primary supplies. it has a simple to understand
symbolic display and uses barcode, Enfusion automatic
or manual input of fusion time. The welding unit has
3 Conductor primary power supply cable (input cable,)
permanently fixed to plastic casing, choice of connector plug.
Historical fusion data memory for 2000 cycles, which can be
downloaded by USB data stick. With a weather lid and Optional
steel tool case.

01-01-410 Pegasus Enfusion 2, 110V fusion box without end connector pigtail sets
01-01-411 Pegasus Enfusion 2, 230V fusion box without end connector pigtail sets


01-01-412 Enfusion secondary supply (output,) connector lead (standard.)
01-01-413 Enfusion secondary supply (output,) connector lead (dual containment.)
01-01-414 Enfusion link lead 5ft (standard.)
01-01-415 Enfusion link lead 10ft (standard.)
01-01-416 Enfusion link lead 15ft (standard.)
01-01-417 Enfusion link lead 5ft (dual containment.)
01-01-418 Enfusion link lead 10ft (dual containment.)
01-01-419 Enfusion link lead 15ft (dual containment.)
01-01-403 Steel case squat for Pegusus & Pegasus Enfusion fusion welders


Technical Specifications
Input voltage [Vac]     
Input frequency [Hz]    
Input current [Max. A]  
Input power [kW]      
Output voltage [Vac RMS]     
Output current [Continuous. Aac RMS]  
Environmental protection     
Data recording capacity      
Coupling size range                         


Mechanical information
Dimensions [HxWxL]  
Weight [Kg]  
Case Material  
Mains Input Cable Length  
Fusion Output Cable Length