Profuse (Radius Plastics) protective skin removal tool


The only tool recommended for the quick, simple and safe removal of
ProFuse skin. The hardened steel blade cuts the ProFuse skin and lifts
its edge to allow easy peeling from the pipe core.

Single size tool for all sizes of ProFuse pipe
Spring-loaded blade to minimise damage to the tip of the blade
Direction marking for clear and simple operation
Plastic body lightweight and durable
Sculpted runners for blade protection and precise one handed control

01-07-103 Profuse exposure tool (universal) up to 630mm
01-07-104 Profuse exposure tool (universal) c/w strap & butt-fusion plate


01-07-111 Profuse exposure tool car only (plastic) up to 250mm only
01-07-150 Profuse exposure tool butt-fusion guide
01-07-151 Profuse exposure tool bead gauge
01-07-044 Profuse exposure tool spare blade universal