Quick-lock Post Squeeze Re-Rounder


Made from all steel construction the post squeeze of re-rounder is
manually operated with a heavy duty ratchet spanner. The tool has a
Wide contact area and with the use of swing bolt tensioning assembly
and lock screws the tool is able to be clamped in position and the
tensioner removed for re-use.

Complete Tool
01-08-055 Rerounding clamp 63mm post squeeze off c/w tensioner
01-08-056 Rerounding clamp 75mm post squeeze off c/w tensioner
01-08-057 Rerounding clamp 90mm post squeeze off c/w tensioner
01-08-058 Rerounding clamp 110mm post squeeze off c/w tensioner
01-08-059 Rerounding clamp 125mm post squeeze off c/w tensioner
01-08-060 Rerounding clamp 140mm post squeeze off c/w tensioner
01-08-061 Rerounding clamp 160mm post squeeze off c/w tensioner
01-08-062 Rerounding clamp 180mm post squeeze off c/w tensioner


Tool only
01-08-065 Rerounding clamp 63mm only (post squeeze off)
01-08-066 Rerounding clamp 75mm only (post squeeze off)
01-08-067 Rerounding clamp 90mm only (post squeeze off)
01-08-068 Rerounding clamp 110mm only (post squeeze off)
01-08-069 Rerounding clamp 125mm only (post squeeze off)
01-08-070 Rerounding clamp 140mm only (post squeeze off)
01-08-071 Rerounding clamp 160mm only (post squeeze off)
01-08-072 Rerounding clamp 180mm only (post squeeze off)



Additional Parts
01-08-073 Rerounder tensioner 63-75-90-110mm (post sq)
01-08-074 Rerounder tensioner 125-140-160-180mm (post sq)
01-08-075 Rerounder swingbolt 63-75-90-110mm (post sq)
01-08-076 Rerounder trunion 63-75-90-110mm (post sq)
01-08-077 Rerounder locking nut 63-75-90-110mm (post sq)
01-08-078 Rerounder swingbolt 125-140-160-180mm (post sq)
01-08-079 Rerounder trunion 125-140-160-180mm (post sq)
01-08-080 Rerounder locking nut 125-140-160-180mm (post sq)