The Sbox max uses Fusamatic, Barcode and manual entry
for the input of fusion data. The Sbox max has a scratch
resistant polycarbonate display screen and a graphics
display with adjustable contrast and wide angle viewing.
The unit has a Multilanguage on screen display and can
hold up to 2000 joint records on internal memory and up
to 100,000 joint records on its internal S.D. card.

Sboxmax   Sbox max 230v Fusamatic - manual EF welder (20-900 seconds)
SboxmaxBC Sbox max 230v Fusmatic - Barcode - manual EF welder (20-900 seconds)


Technical Specifications
Input Voltage [Vac] 230V
Input Frequency [Hz] 40-60
Input Current [Max. A] 16
Input Power [KW] 3.00
Output Voltage [Vac RMS] 10-48
Output Current [Continuous. Aac RMS] 60 (Max)
Environmental Protection  IP54
Data Recording Capacity 2000
Coupling Size Range 20-63mm


Mechanical Information
Dimensions [HxWxL] 430 x 300 x 290mm
Weight [Kg] 17.0
Case Material Coated Steel
Mains Input Cable Length 3m
Fusion Output Cable Length 2.5m Standard