Surprep Puriton - Protective Barrier Removal Kit


This equipment has been designed to locally remove the outer polyethylene and aluminium barrier layers when joining Puriton pipe in diameters 90 to 180 mm using electrofusion or butt-fusion jointing techniques, pipe surface preparation is mandatory for all joints.

01-07-190 Puriton kit 90-110mm (red case,) with 2 scraping tip assemblies
01-07-191 Puriton kit 125-160-180mm (blue case,) 2 scraping tip assy. + extension piece


01-07-192 Puriton scraping tip assembly only - With spot.
01-07-193 Puriton kit 90-110mm conversion kit Puriton & standard tip assemblies.
01-07-194 Puriton kit 125-160-180 conversion kit 2 x tip assemblies + extension piece
01-07-195 Puriton 125-160-180 extension only
01-07-196 Puriton 90-110mm cartridge only
01-07-197 Puriton 125-160-180mm cartridge only
01-07-043 Surprep standard tip only Ø 11mm