Joint Master Multi Size Positioning Clamp


The lightweight aluminium jaws holds pipe sizes 63-180mm without the need for reducing liners. When coupled together with the angle maker you have the versatility of a positioning clamp to hold pipe in 45° and 90° bends.  The quick opening handle and the patented centering system allows you to install the clamp easily over the pipe until the weld process has finished.


  • Pipe range 63-180mm Ø
  • Made from lightweight aluminium and steel
  • Easy to install and use
  • No reduction lines required for smaller branch outlets
  • Minimal excavation required, fits above pipe joint easily
  • Available in 2 or 3 way configuration
  • Self centering design requires no reducing shells
Pipe Size Range63-180mm Ø
CodeDescriptionQTYReview Quote
01-09-00363-180mm Ø 2 way clamp, straight base
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01-09-00463-180mm Ø clamp, 500mm angle maker
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01-09-00663-180mm Ø 3 way clamp, 500mm branch tee
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01-09-00763-180mm Ø 3 way clamp, 750mm branch tee
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01-09-00563-180mm Ø clamp, 750mm angle maker
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01-09-01163-180mm Ø jaw set and branch tee only
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01-09-00963-180mm Ø spare jaw set
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01-09-010Branch tee adapter 500mm
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01-09-002Branch tee adapter 750mm
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  • 01-09-009 : 63-180mm Ø spare jaw set
  • 01-09-010 : Branch tee adapter 500mm
  • 01-09-002 : Branch tee adapter 750mm