Cub 160


The Cub 160 is an entry level welding unit with basic functionality fore electrofusion fittings up to 160mm.


  • Possibility of manual programming
  • Fitting size range 20-160mm Ø
  • 3m output lead
  • Interchangeable welding adaptors 4mm, 4.7mm
  • Automatic welding time compensation
  • LCD display (2×16)
  • Calibration reminder


  • Barcode Scanner coupling recognition
Coupling Size Range~160mm Ø
Dimensions [HxWxL]390 x 240 x 160mm
Input Voltage230V Build (+10/-15%)
Input Voltage110V Build (+10/-15%)
Input Frequency50Hz
Input Power48VA–3.8kVA @ Nominal 40V output
Max Fitting Power~1450W
Welding Voltage8-44v
Max Welding Current60A
Suggested Power Generator3kW
Operating Temperature-5°C/40°C
Environmental ProtectionIP54 Class II
Data Transmission PortsUSB Type B, M12
Welding / Power Cables3m / 3m
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01-01-821110v Cub 160, with barcode scanner
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01-01-831220v Cub 160, with barcode scanner
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