WAGA Multi Joint 3000 Plus


The MULTI/JOINT 3000 Plus products from GF+ are designed for the connection, maintenance and repair of under and above ground piping systems for water and gas. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, the range of products can join different pipe materials in a range of sizes, and can be used used for transport lines, distribution lines, house connections and service lines.


  • May be used on all pipe materials
  • Ductile cast iron GGG45 in accordance with EN-GJS-450-10
  • Resicoat epoxy powder coating.
  • Stainless steel bolts and nuts
  • Reusable
  • Above and below ground applications

Please download Product Sheet to see full range of products. When requesting for a quote, select the general product type from the Product Code menu below and specify the dimension as per the Product Sheet in the “Order notes” section before submitting the final quote request.


MaterialsDuctile cast iron body, stainless steel bolts and nuts
Working Pressure (Non Restraint)25 bar water / 8 bar gas
Working Pressure (Restraint)16 bar water / 8 bar gas
Nominal AngularityMax +8° (flange adaptor), max +16° (coupling)
Working temperature-5° C to +50° C
FinishResicoat epoxy powder coating
CodeDescriptionQTYReview Quote
MJ3007MULTI/JOINT® 3007 Plus - Coupling Restraint
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MJ3107MULTI/JOINT® 3107 Plus - Reduced Coupler Restraint
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MJ3057MULTI/JOINT® 3057 Plus - Flange Adaptor Restraint
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MJ3157MULTI/JOINT® 3157 Plus - Reduced Flange Adaptor Restraint
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MJ3407MULTI/JOINT® 3407 Plus - Bend Restraint
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MJ3557MULTI/JOINT® 3557 Plus - Reduced Duckfoot Restraint
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MJ3207MULTI/JOINT® 3207 Plus - End Cap Restraint
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MJ3207TMULTI/JOINT® 3207 Plus - End Cap Threaded Restraint
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STIFFENERInsert Stiffener Economy
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