Caldertech Rhino


The Caldertech Rhino gives you functionality, reliability and affordability, capable of welding all conventional brands of fittings as well as specialist projects in the most challenging environments.


  • Barcode scanning and manual time entry
  • Fitting size range 20-1400mm Ø
  • 4m output lead
  • Data recording of 2,000 welds
  • CalderSafe® Weld Data Analyser
  • Alphanumeric display with backlight
  • Terminal adapters supplied


  • CalderSafe® Mobile Weld Analyser
  • Dual sized output terminals
Coupling Size Range20-1400mm Ø
Dimensions [HxWxL]385 x 275 x 215mm
Input Voltage230V Build / 195-270Vac
Input Voltage50Hz (37-62Hz)
Input Frequency94VA–7.4kVA @ Nominal 48V output
Efficiency90% @ Nominal 85V output
Efficiency51% @ Nominal 48V output
Efficiency42% @ Nominal 40V output
Output Voltage [Vac RMS]8-85v
Output Current [Continuous Aac RMS]80A
Stability+/- 1.5% of Welding Voltage
Output Power85W-6.6kW @ Nominal 85V output
Output Power48W-3.8kW @ Nominal 48V output
Output Power40W-3.2kW @ Nominal 40V output
Welding Time Span3-4000 seconds
Operating Temperature-20°C-50°C
Environmental ProtectionIP54 Class II
Data DownloadUSB flash memory
Data Recording Capacity2000 Records
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01-01-455230v Caldertech Rhino, hard case
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01-01-295CalderSafe® Mobile Weld Analyser
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  • 01-01-295 : CalderSafe® Mobile Weld Analyser