• Blaumar Capital acquires Caldervale Technology and Fusion Equipment

    Blaumar Capital acquires Caldervale Technology and Fusion Equipment to create a solution platform for the installation of HDPE pipes for water and gas.

    The investment group Blaumar Capital has acquired a majority stake of four companies in the segment of manufacturing and distribution products for the pipe networks for water, gas and hydrogen, aiming to create a platform for transversal solutions in the Utility sector.

    Caldervale Technology Limited, founded in 1992 and headquartered in Yorkshire (UK), specializes in the manufacture and sale of equipment and tools for installation, welding and repairing HDPE pipes and other associated utility products. With sales over €6 million and more than 40 employees, it is the UK leader in its segment with an international presence in over 25 countries.

    Fusion Equipment Limited, carved out of the Fusion Group and based in Chesterfield (UK), specializes in the manufacture of tailor-made machinery for welding HDPE pipes. The company, in the process of growth, has sales over €4 million and more than 25 employees.

    In addition, Blaumar Capital has acquired two regional distributors: one Scandinavia and the other one in Spain. Both companies are specialized in servicing products for the water and gas networks, generating synergies with the other companies of the platform.
    These investments that were completed in September 2022, are a key step to create a European platform of comprehensive solutions for canalisation, repair and replacement of water, gas and hydrogen HDPE networks. Currently the Group has a consolidated turnover over €12 million and a workforce of over 75 employees.
    The business plan for the next 5 years is based on international growth, driven by the need to improve HDPE Distribution Networks to reduce losses and meet increasing demand, thereby improve the sustainability of the network and the environment.

    About Blaumar Capital

    Founded in 2021, Blaumar Capital are an investment group focused on the small-mid market segment, based in Spain. Up to date, they have already carried out 8 operations on 3 different consolidation platforms throughout Europe and have a multidisciplinary team of 6 professionals.

    More information: www.blaumarcapital.com